Diane Brownlee, Arbitrator and Mediator. Facilitation, independent investigations, mediation and arbitration.
Diane Brownlee, Arbitrator and Mediator


Facilitation brings together groups of people and helps them find common ground for working together and achieving goals. Diane uses impactful questions to help groups identify the issues confronting them and develop options for resolution.

Mediation is useful in a variety of circumstances in both union and non-union environments: grievance mediation, employees in conflict, collective bargaining and interest disputes, and physician disputes. Click here for available dates.

Fact-Finding/Investigation allows for neutral, third-party examination of a conflict or dispute. Diane has over 10 years of experience resolving complaints concerning Harassment and Code of Conduct issues in both unionized and non-unionized environments.

Workplace Review is the proactive assessment of a department or work group experiencing high levels of conflict. Diane identifies and analyzes the contributing factors, and offers non-binding recommendations for addressing them.

Arbitration Diane practices as an arbitrator in the province of Ontario. She was appointed to the Ministry of Labour's list of approved arbitrators in September 2008. Click here for available dates.



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